This is how much people loved him.

Here is a fact that no one can deny: today was celebrated the life of one of the most admired man ever. A unique gathering of around 100 heads of states attended his memorial. This exceptional event came after a worldwide and equally bulimic response: endless amount of news articles, television coverage, and a massive number of blog posts tackling an infinite number of detailed elements of his life. His name is repeatedly mentioned alongside the disturbing acronym “R.I.P” in the social media. (“R.I.P” is incidentally a new form of ethical snobbery used by all in the social media to express one’s compassion. It bears a highly religious connotation even though people don’t seem to acknowledge it.)

In the end, he seems to be the topic everyone was waiting to publish about.

He was the subject of so many headlines these past few days (along with the situation in CAR) that some western presenter introduced the news yesterday with a nice: “and today Africa is in the spotlight again…”

This is all definitely more than just how much people loved him.


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